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The House of Awareness

Autism Owl Puzzle Piece Hanging Charm

$ 8.00 USD

Autism Owl Puzzle Piece Hanging Charm

  • Autism Owl Puzzle Piece Hanging Charm
  • Multicolored Puzzle Piece Autism Charm Measures Approximately 7/8 inch tall by 5/8 inch wide
  • Sterling Silver Plated Autism Awareness Charm
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  • Autism Owl Puzzle Piece Hanging Charm.  This autism awareness hanging charm is a colorful owl shaped charm with a puzzle piece design and a clasp that will hook onto your purse or a pet's collar. The silver plated charm is approximately 7/8 inch by 5/8 inch and comes in a bag.
  • Autism owl hanging charm can come in a box.

Autism awareness is extremely important as early diagnosis is beneficial.  There are several kinds of thinking as to why there is an increase in the diagnosis of autism.  One is that public awareness has increased and with that doctor training has increased leading to more and earlier diagnosis.  

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