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Large (12-15 lbs) Aromatherapy Himalayan Lamp with One Oil

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Large (12-15 lbs) Aromatherapy Himalayan Lamp with Choice of Oil

Fill a room with a truly wonderful scent.  Place this aromatherapy Himalayan lamp in any space in your home to be filled with wonderful scents.  We recommend using relaxing scents to add to the serenity of the home.  As with all of our salt lamps, this special lamp comes complete with cord and 1 bulb.  It is also carefully packed to ensure the safe arrival at your doorstep.

Please note size: Weight Between 12-15 lbs.  Approximate size: 7 inches high, 7 inches width , and 7 inches across.

Please note the small size of the 1 included oil.  They are small in size.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil 12 Kinds 3ML Fragrance Natural Spa Oil

Different Kinds: Some Possible Specific effects:

Green tea: fresh and fragrant, promote calm, regain your strength

Jasmine: antidepressant, makes us happy, relaxed mood.
Lavender: fresh flowers, helps sleep, relieves headache.

Lily: coughing lungs can feel relaxed, can accelerate blood circulation

Magnolia: Helps a runny nose, helps concentration, and feel tranquil

Ocean: promotes relaxation
Osmanthus: sweet, mellow flavor, engender a better association.

Rose: appease, soothe nerves, can have aphrodisiac effect.
Sandalwood: woody fragrance lasting mellow, soothing nervous, ease the nerves.

Snow Lotus: Also known as Umbellulic.  It can accelerate blood circulation and activate energy.

Strawberry: Diffusing Strawberry Fragrance Oils into the air in your home or office can cover up less attractive smells and provide a relaxing, comforting environment in which to work or play.

3ML: Please note the size.  These are small in size.    

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