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The House of Awareness

Elegant Gold Ribbon Bangle Bracelet for Mental Health Awareness

$ 10.99 USD

Mental Health Awareness Month is in May.   

This is an absolutely beautiful bangle bracelet that interlocks with a ribbon.  You squeeze the bracelet to open and close.  It opens where the ribbon is placed. The bangle is gold plated and of great quality for a reasonable price.  
You can wear this bracelet with with the knowledge that others will notice.  Mental health awareness is an extremely important topic that many people like to avoid.  This is especially true when dealing with the aspect of mental illness.  While other causes have parades, races, or other fanfare, mental illness is usually not recognized in that way.  Let's change that by doing our part.
  • Mental Health Awareness Gold Ribbon Bangle Bracelet
  • This bracelet can come in a gift box.
  • Size: 7 1/2 inches
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