2 Small Wood Birdhouses

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2 Small Wood Birdhouses

Choose from a choice of 2 small wood birdhouses.  Buy and watch your furry friends enjoy themselves.  

Yellow Log Home Birdhouse

Bright and sunny, this little wooden home is move-in ready for a lucky bird. The two-story home features two entrances, bright yellow paint, and a wooden picket fence that is totally charming.  This bright and cheery home for your feathered friends features two stories and a wooden picket fence. It is so charming and the perfect accent for your yard.

Item weight: 0.80lbs  Item dimensions: 3.75" W x 7.50" H x 7.50" L  Materials: Wood - Fir

Pine Cone Rustic Wood Birdhouse

A little cabin with natural touches, made just for the birds! This adorable classic birdhouse features a sweet little welcome sign, pine cone decoration, and a single entrance.  The cutest little rustic birdhouse you ever did see. Cozy and quaint for your feathered friends, this move in ready woodsy home will have the birds smiling and you when you see it hanging in your yard.

Item weight: 0.80lbs
Item dimensions: 4.25" W x 7.00" H x 7.50" L
Materials: Wood - Fir

Blue Rooftop Birdhouse

A little white birdhouse with a bright blue roof and rustic accents is just what your yard needs! Hang this charming home from a tree branch and the birds will flock to make it their new home.  Cozy and inviting, your feathered friends will flock to this adorable house. Hang it from a branch of your favorite tree.

Item weight: 1.00lbs
Item dimensions: 3.75" W x 8.50" H x 7.25" L
Materials: Wood - Fir

Yellow Tree Fort Birdhouse

You will love this sunny little tree house and so will the birds! This unique wooden home has three openings, a rustic ladder, and sweet touches that make it stand out.  This adorably cheery birdhouse is like a tree fortress for your feathered friends. Two stories and three entrances make this the perfect hideout. 

Item weight: 1.20lbs
Item dimensions: 4.50" W x 8.00" H x 7.75" L
Materials: Wood - Fir

The House of Awareness believes in offering all types of products for our customers.  This yellow log home birdhouse is just one example.   thehouseofawareness  #birdhouse

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