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Summerfield Terrace

Timeless Waterfall Wind Chimes

$ 38.99 USD
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Classic Waterfall Wind Chimes

Timeless style and beautiful music made by the wind! This classic waterfall wind chime features a wooden ornament and a series of metal chimes that will sing in the breeze.  Materials: Wood Aluminum

Please note size: Item weight: 0.80 lbs
Item dimensions: 4.75" W x 28.00" H x 4.75" L

Please note our return policies listed.  We do not give return labels.  Also note, that we do not give replacements or refunds of any kind for products that are shown as delivered and cannot be found.  

The House of Awareness believes in offering all types of products for our customers. This Timeless Waterfall Wind Chimes is just one example.   #thehouseofawareness  #garden  

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