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Country Star Himalayan Crystal Salt Night Light

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Shadow Lantern Country Star Himalayan Crystal Salt Night Light

Illuminate your night with a touch of light using a Star Himalayan Crystal Salt Night Light.   Every room needs a Himalayan salt star adding to ambiance and good health.  The hottest new addition to our night light line!  Crafted with care, the Shadow Lantern Nightlights are both aged and elegant, vintaged yet modern.  The Country Star Shadow Lantern brings a rustic flare to your living space.  A beautiful accent to any room.  

  • INCLUDES HIGHEST QUALITY, OVER 99% PURE Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt pebbles, mined from 5,000 feet deep below the foothills of Himalayan Mountain Range and is therefore ideal for use in ionization and air purification

Show your appreciation for yourself, a friend, spouse, family member, or anyone with this star night light.

Each night light has a 7 watt bulb.  Each night light weighs approximately one pound.

  • PLEASE NOTE - Salt crystals are naturally hygroscopic (tends to absorb moisture from the air) and if left unused, particularly in a humid environment, may dissolve a bit. Just wipe with a dry cloth and keep the lamp lit


Please note that Hmalayan salt products have unique shapes, sizes, and coloring. Please plan for variations.  

Please note our return policies listed.  Also note, that we do not give replacements or refunds of any kind for products that are shown as delivered and cannot be found. 

At, The House of Awareness, we love offering different product options for our customers.  This Himalayan Salt night light is just one example of our many choices.  Check back frequently as we add products weekly.

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