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Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace for Love

  • $ 12.00

Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace for Love

Whitegold plating crystal heart pendant necklace.

You will love this 16 inch necklace, and the heart is 1/2 by 1/2 inches.  This heart necklace is very eye catching and will get noticed.  This can be given or bought for yourself for any occasion.  Valentine's Day may be a great time to wear this, and any other time when you have the feeling for love.

We are constantly changing the items that we sell.  We spend a great deal of time looking at the latest fashions, designs, and trends.  If you like this necklace, I would get it now.  The necklace may not be available again once they go out of stock.  

The House of Awareness believes in offering all types of products for our customers.  This necklace is just one example.   thehouseofawareness

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