Enchanting Roof Birdhouse

  • $ 24.95

Flower Birdie Birdhouse

This sweet little birdie rests on top of this cute birdhouse roof. You'll love the darling details, like the 3-dimensional flowers and the sweet little hummingbird below.  This charming and unique birdhouse features 3-dimensional accent flowers and a charming hummingbird, plus a birdie perched on top of the house.

Please check size:  Item weight: 0.60 lbs
Item dimensions: 3.50" W x 11.00" H x 6.00" L  Materials: Wood - Mdf Iron

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The House of Awareness believes in offering all types of products for our customers.  This Flower Birdie Birdhouse is just one example.   #thehouseofawareness  #birdie  #birdhouse

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