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Ideal 4-piece Slim Electronic Screwdriver Set

  • $ 39.82

Get the handiwork done right with the Ideal 4-Piece Slim Electronic Screwdriver Set. While it features a tough chrome vanadium-steel shank it is designed to maximize handling comfort even in tight spaces. Its rotating cap delivers optimum control for precise centering.

Maximizes Handling Comfort When Working In Tight Areas

  • Tough Chrome Vanadium Steel Shank
  • Phosphate Tip For Longer Wear Life
  • Rotating Cap For Optimum Control For Precise Centering
  • Color-coded Cap For Easy Identification
  • Includes 3 and 32" Cabinet (2 1 and 2" Blade) 3 and 32" Cabinet (3" Blade) 1 and 8" Cabinet (4" Length) & 0 Phillips (2 1 and 2" Blade)