Moroccan Midnight Lantern

  • $ 11.95

Moroccan Style Lantern

Candlelight can be adventurous when you light the wick of your favorite candle inside this Bold Moroccan Lantern. The multitude of intricate cutout patterns turns the light from a single flame into a marvelous show of shadow and glow. Its the perfect accent for your tabletop or a great addition to any room when hung from the top loop.  Dark iron and fanciful cutouts create intriguing and exotic patterns of light and shadow.  Place the candle of your choice inside this intricately designed lantern that can be set on your tabletop or hung from the top loop.  Candle not included.

Please note size: Item weight: 0.40lbs
Item dimensions: 3.75" W x 10.50" H x 4.50" L
Materials: Iron  UPC: 849179018757

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