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The House of Awareness

Puzzle Charm 16" Necklace for Autism Awareness paired with Hoop Earrings

$ 15.99 USD
multi color

Autism Awareness Jewelry

This is a necklace with an autism awareness charm on it. The charm is approximately 3/4" tall and the necklace is 16 inches. There is also an 18 inch necklace available.  Paired with the necklace are hoop earrings.  The ASD earrings hang down about 1 1/2 inches.  These are wonderful pieces of jewelry that can be used to show your autism ASD awareness.  This jewelry set is unique in the we put the hoops together with the charms.  We believe in autism awareness and early identification.  Every child is unique, and the multiple colors represent that uniqueness.    

Autism Awareness is very important.  The more that we learn about the autism the better doctors and parents are about identifying the sign early.  Early intervention is extremely important for starting therapies and educational action.  As autism awareness has increased there has been an increase in recognition and diagnosis of autism.  Let's keep this up!

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