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Sheffield Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Sheffield Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another of our special lamps that truly shows the skill of our craftsmen. The Sheffield bowl is one of our latest creations, and the response from our customers has been overwhelming. Adds a true touch of elegance to your home or office. The Sheffield Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp is approximately 6.25 inches in diameter, and weighs about 6- 7 pounds.  Adds fierce beauty to any decor style

Simply elegant! The “Sheffield” bowl lamp hearkens back to the Edwardian era of the early 1900’s. With its graceful curved metal base, the hand crafted salt bowl seated at its top, and a generous handful of salt crystals, this lamp is the very essence of sophistication.  Delicately carved, while offering the same benefits of authentic Himalayan pink salt.  The Sheffield Bowl is about Weight: 6 – 7 lbs and 6.25 inch in diameter.

As with all of our salt lamps, this special lamp comes complete with cord and 1 bulb.  It is also carefully packed to ensure the safe arrival at your doorstep.

Please note size: About Weight: 6 – 7 lbs  and 6.25 inch diameter.
Protection: About 100 sq. ft.

**Please note that Himalayan salt products have unique shapes, sizes, and coloring. Please plan for variations.  

Please note our return policies listed.  Also note, that we do not give replacements or refunds of any kind for products that are shown as delivered and cannot be found.  

At, The House of Awareness, we love offering different product options for our customers.  This Sheffield Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp is just one example of our many choices.  Check back frequently as we add products weekly.

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