Himalayan Salt Small Salt Lick for Animals

Himalayan Salt Small Salt Lick for Animals

  • $ 9.00

Himalayan Salt Small (2 – 3 pound) Salt Lick

This salt lick is 2-3 pounds.  Himalayan salt small salt lick varies in size ranging from 2-3 pounds.

Stop depriving your horse(s) of a great source of minerals. This solid crystal, all natural salt lick is far superior to the pre-formed salt blocks that deteriorate after a week or two of use. Himalayan Salt Licks contain 84 minerals and trace elements, providing your animals with what they need for optimum health. Himalayan Salt Licks are a favorite of serious equestrians nationwide. This 2 – 3 pound lick comes pre-drill and includes attached rope for easy hanging. It is a perfect lick for all your animals both large and small… you will be happy with the results.

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Please note that himalayan salt products have unique shapes, sizes, and coloring. Please plan for variations.  

At, The House of Awareness, we love offering different product options for our customers.  This Himalayan Salt Small Salt Lick for Animals is just one example of our many choices.  Check back frequently as we add products weekly.

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