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Cute Standing Bunny Statue

$ 22.00 USD

Cute Standing Bunny Statue

Fill your garden with cuteness! This adorable bunny figurine is standing up to catch the scents in your yard, and you'll love catching a glimpse of him each time you're outside. He has amazing details that make him look real!  Your neighbors, family, friends, and people passing by will stop and take a look at this bunny.  Is the bunny going to hop away?

Please note size: Item weight: 0.80lbs
Item dimensions: 3.00" W x 8.00" H x 4.38" L  Materials: Polyresin

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The House of Awareness believes in offering all types of products for our customers.  This Cute Standing Bunny Statue is just one example.  Check back often as we add products weekly,   #thehouseofawareness  #bunnny #garden

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