Viva Red Jade Bracelet for Heart Disease

  • $ 39.00

"Viva" Means "long live!"

Ruby Jade for Women & Heart Disease - The red Viva Bracelet is dedicated to women affected by heart disease. This bracelet raises awareness and celebrates the lifestyle changes that can help avoid the #1 killer of women.  The red jade bracelet has red jade beads and a silver heart.  Bracelet stretches to fit almost any size wrist.  7.5" Finished with a silver-toned heart shaped clasp.

Our Viva Bracelets are dedicated to raising awareness for health issues that are most threatening to our sisters around the world, while celebrating the fighters and survivors of these deadly diseases. All bracelets are made from natural jade, which is a renowned healing stone, and feature a heart clasp. Our first designs are dedicated to breast cancer and heart disease. Every bracelet comes specially tagged with a dedication.

Our designer says: What do we mean when we say that all of our products are “ethically hand-crafted?”

By committing to ethically hand-crafted products we are able to provide creative, dignified employment for women in the United States emerging from disadvantaged circumstances like homelessness and human trafficking.

We are a proud employer for Amethyst Inc., a long-term treatment program based in  Columbus, Ohio.
Amethyst helps women break the bonds of human trafficking, homelessness and addiction in order to lead lives of self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Pink Jade also available.

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