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Yellow Duck Hanging Charm

$ 5.00 USD

Yellow Duck Hanging Charm

Do you need some jewelry that will remind you to let things go.  Then, this duck charm is a great choice.  

"like water off a duck's back" is a popular saying.

Without any apparent effect. Ducks' feathers are waterproof. The preen (or, formally, the uropygial) gland at the baseof the tail produces oil that spreads and covers the birds' outer coat so that water forms droplets on, but does notpermeate, the feathers. That's why a critical remark that doesn't bother the person for whom it was intended rolls offlike water off a duck's back.
This hanging charm is one way to remind yourself to keep calm and move on.  The duck is silver plated.  The duck is about 17x11m.
The House of Awareness believes in offering a variety of items for our customers.  This yellow duck charm is one example.  Check out site often as we items items weekly.  #duckcharm
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