Diet and Healthy Eating

Diet and Healthy Eating

When people hear about diets they usually picture starving plans, headaches and weakness in the muscles due to the decreased amount of food. Most of us don’t think twice about starting a diet because we are a afraid that we will not be able to survive the first three days that everybody says are crucial for the body to get adjusted to the new regime. Actually the perfect nutrition advice will never suggest that you should stop eating. It will only give you the guidance to a healthy nutrition plan that you can easily follow without feeling hungry.
There are many myths from the past that were imposed on us and they are the reason why we resent diets so much. Here are a few of them that we can dethrone right away.
You should avoid eating carbohydrates if you want to regulate your weight – you need carbohydrates to sustain your energy. It is not the carbs that you take, but their quantity. Your body needs them so all you need to do is to decrease their intake so that you can lose weight.
Nuts make you gain weight – if you eat big quantities, yes, they do. But the raw nuts are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that lower the bad cholesterol. For example raw walnuts contain iodine that is the natural sustainer of your thyroid which is directly connected with gaining and losing weight.
If you skip meals, you will lose weight – a good nutrition advice will tell you to eat five times per day in small portions and never skip a meal. The moment your body feels threatened to be deprived of food, the next meal you eat will be automatically stored in the body as reserve “for rainy days”.
Which are the healthy ways to eat? Although diets do not have the same effect on every person, there are some general rules and if they are followed you will begin losing weight without starvation and emotional stress. When you make your shopping list the foods on the top should be raw vegetables and fruits, herbs, tea, cold pressed olive oil, fish and shellfish, proteins (lean chicken meat for instance), eggs, cheese, whole grain foods and raw nuts. This range of foods will give your body everything that it needs and you will not feel hungry. You can always have snacks between the main meals that consist of a fresh fruit or a handful of raw nuts or whole grain crackers. If you follow this nutrition advice, you will not feel that you are on a diet, but that you are leading a healthy way of life.

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