How we started

After teaching special education for 20 years, I decided to stay home with my teenage daughter whom had been adopted out of foster care at the age of 11.  On ebay, I saw an ad for someone selling sites that covered different topics.  I picked the topics that I was interested in which were: breast cancer awareness, autism awareness, politics, cats, healthy eating, trauma, and a jewelry site.  These sites were strictly affiliate sites where money was to be made by people clicking and buying affiliate products.  After working a lot on the sites, I realized that it was just not going to work for me.  Eventually, I started selling autism awareness jewelry and other jewelry on ebay.  In November 2014, I made the decision to make a new site and phase out of all of my other sites.  I decided this would allow me to focus more on web design, web optimization, and buying products. We are into selling items that we love, selling unique items, and selling items about topics that we have an interest in.  I decided that The House of Awareness site name gave me the flexibility to make the site into a variety of merchandise.  You may be aware of a topic such as autism awareness or mental health.  You may also be "aware" that you need some fun jewelry or other item.  We hope that you will look through our entire site.  Enjoy!

February 2017

In February 2017, after brainstorming at a business meeting, I decided to add donating to a charity on every order.  This led to a total revamp of this site including how the site looked and adding charities.  This ongoing process has absolutely floored me with customers generosity and positive feedback.   The charities are over the moon with the contributions and increased exposure.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my store, the products available, or the charities/causes.  Call 919-720-2520, use the contact form, or email

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The House of Awareness

The House of Awareness


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