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We believe in volunteering our time and giving 10% of each sale to charity. Free Shipping on ALL products in USA.


1.  How soon will my product ship?  1-2 business days unless otherwise noted or product becomes unavailable.  If product becomes unavailable, you will be notified by email or phone.

2. How soon will the product arrive at my house?  This depends on what you buy and where you live.  Products are shipped from Raleigh, NC, CA, and at some other USA locations.  3-6 business days are typical.  Notice that those are business days not including weekends.

3.  I received my product and it is not what I thought.  It is ugly, not as sound as I thought it would be, etc..  For buyer's remorse, you will need to pay for return shipping.  Return address:  The House of Awareness  10736 Cokesbury LN  Raleigh, NC  27614  When the undamaged item arrives, your money will be returned minus the original shipping you paid.

If the item is heavy, please contact us: 919-720-2520 or  It may be cheaper to return the item to our CA warehouse.  You will need a return number to do that.

4)  The item arrived damaged/ broken!  We would first like to say that we are very sorry for this, and can assure you that it was not done on purpose.  We do NOT go to ship out an item and say: "Oh, I think that Susie will really like this candle lantern.  I think I will smash the candle lantern, and then mail it to her."  (Evil laugh and smile).  

In this situation, we need a picture of the broken/damaged product.  PLEASE do not mail back broken items.  That is not safe for anyone.  After we receive the product, we will either refund you or mail you a replacement.  That is your choice.

5) Do you price match?  Let's say you find a similar item at: idontdeservetomakealivingcom or another site, it really depends on the item if we are able to price match.  We love giving 10% to charity, and that does cut into our profit.  You can ask us, and we will get back to you.  You can email: or call/text: 9197202520

6) My item was shown as I delivered, but it never made it to my house.  We are really sorry, but once an item shows delivered we are no longer responsible for that item.  No refunds or replacements will be sent in this case.

We hope that you know that we strive for excellence, and are so excited to help you in any way that we can.  Please call us or emails with any of your questions.  

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