May Awareness Causes

May Awareness Causes

Here is list of May awareness causes with the color ribbon that is associated with that cause.  Please let us know if there is a cause that needs to be added.  

Melanoma- Black Ribbon.  While we do not have a black ribbon.  We do have jewelry with ribbons that are silver.  These pieces of jewelry can be worn for various causes that use a ribbon.

Here is one of our pieces:   believe ribbon black bracelet


 Lou Gehrig's Disease- Blue/White Ribbon  While we do not have a black ribbon.  We do have jewelry and keychains with ribbons that are silver.  These pieces of jewelry can be worn for various causes that use a ribbon.  The keychains can be used every day.  

Here is one of our pieces:   together we can make a difference keychain

 Arthritis and Huntington's Disease- Dark Blue Ribbon

Here are a couple of choices:  arthritis bracelet

Mental Health- Green Ribbon

Check out all of our mental health awareness products.   

Mental health can be difficult to talk about for a variety of reasons.  Mental health can be very personal when you are dealing with a family member, friend, spouse or your own mental health.  People try to put on a happy face only to be unable to really smile through the pain.  There are a variety of resources available today for mental health assistance and guidance.

mental health bracelet  hope mental health pin

Asthma, Brain Cancer, Brain Tumor -Gray Ribbon we're in this together necklacegray bracelet    where there is love there is life necklace

 Lyme Disease- Lime Green Ribbon

lime green lapel pin for lyme disease

purple charm for lupus

 Memorial Day- Patriotic Ribbon

                                     red, white, and blue keychain

 Bladder Cancer- Yellow Ribbon

If you would like us to offer yellow ribbon products, please call/text 9197202520 or email:

We do offer jewelry and keychains with a silver ribbon that can stand for any awareness cause.

Here are some choices:  together we can make a difference necklace  silver bracelet for causes


Addison's disease  Light Blue Ribbon May
Agoraphobia  Teal Ribbon May
Allergies Awareness  Gray Ribbon May
Anxiety Disorder  Teal Ribbon May
Apraxia Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Apraxia Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Arthritis Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Asthma Awareness  Gray Ribbon May
Behcets Disease  Light Blue Ribbon May
Bladder Cancer  Yellow Ribbon May
Brain Cancer  Gray Ribbon May
Brain Tumor  Gray Ribbon May
Celiac Disease  Light Green Ribbon May
Cerebral Palsy  Green Ribbon May
Childhood Apraxia (CAS)  Light Blue Ribbon May
Childhood Depression  Green Ribbon May
Cystic Fibrosis  Purple Ribbon May
Ehlers-Danlos Sydrome (EDS)  Zebra Print Ribbon May
Elderly Abuse  Silver Ribbon May
Encephalitis  Silver Ribbon May
Eosinophilic Disorders  Periwinkle Ribbon May
Fibromyalgia  Purple Ribbon May
Fibromyalgia (Men)  Purple Ribbon May
Food Allergies  Teal Ribbon May
Foster Care  Lavender Ribbon May
Guillian Barre Syndrome  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation  Burgundy Ribbon May
Hepatitis C  Red & Yellow Ribbon May
Hereditary Hemochromatosis  Burgundy Ribbon May
High Blood Pressure  Red Ribbon May
Hughes Syndrome  Burgundy Ribbon May
Human Papilloma Virus  Light Green Ribbon May
Huntington's disease  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Hurricane Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Ichthyosis Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Klinefelter's Syndrome  Light Blue Ribbon May
Lou Gehrig's Disease  Blue & White Ribbon May
Lyme disease  Lime Green Ribbon May
Lymphatic Malformation  Burgundy Ribbon May
ME / CFIDS  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Melanoma Awareness  Black Ribbon May
Mental Health  Green Ribbon May
Mental Illness  Green Ribbon May
Missing Children  Yellow Ribbon May
Motorcycle Safety  Orange Ribbon May
Muscular Dystrophy  Lime Green Ribbon May
Myositis Awareness  Dark Blue Ribbon May
Neirofibroma  Green Ribbon May
Neurofibromatosis Awareness  Green Ribbon May
Osteoporosis Awareness  White Ribbon May
Pediatric Stroke  Blue & Purple Ribbon May
Postpartum Depression  White Ribbon May
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy  Teal Ribbon May
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension  Purple Ribbon May
Racial Tolerance  Orange Ribbon May
Restless Legs Syndrome  White Ribbon May
Safe Motherhood  White Ribbon May
Schizophrenia  Silver Ribbon May
Skin Cancer  Orange Ribbon May
Spinal Cord Injury Research  Green Ribbon May
Suicide Awareness  Yellow Ribbon May
Supraventricular Tachycardia  Red Ribbon May
Teen Pregnancy Prevention  White Ribbon May
Tourette's syndrome  Teal Ribbon May
Trauma Awareness  Black Ribbon May
Troop / Military Support  Yellow Ribbon May
Von Hippel Lindau  Green Ribbon May
Water Safety  Dark Blue Ribbon May
William's Syndrome  Burgundy Ribbon May


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